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Pushing the boundaries of
Japanese Denim

Samurai Jeans hasn’t traditionally released collaborative products with other brands, but the time has come where we want to convey and show the world all that is good about Samurai Jeans denim. But it actually goes much farther than that for us...we also want to expand and explore all possibilities and potentialities for Japanese denim itself and the culture that surrounds it. This is why we are starting the ”ELEVEN PROJECTs".

from Seed to jeans

Toughness is often seen as the essence of denim; but to be truly tough is to be utterly uncompromising. Reaching far beyond the physical toughness of the denim textile itself, is the toughness of the spirit of its production, and the unwavering ethos of the craftsmen who make it.


Pushing the boundaries of denim with premium brands from around the world



Sometimes an opportunity crosses your path that is unique, but at the same time feels like it’s meant-to-be. The story of our collaboration with Samurai Jeans is such an opportunity. We are very proud to be teaming up with Samurai Jeans, creating a limited-edition collaboration jeans, that will be the main subject of the second BENZAK fading contest. In this article we’ll tell all you need to know about this special product. Lennaert, our founder, took the time to write down a very personal and compelling story about what makes this collaboration so special and unique…
But first, the jeans!


Label denim asal Jakarta, Oldblue Co. berkolaborasi dengan salah satu label denim asal Jepang paling influentialSamurai Jeans, untuk merilis artikel eksklusif dalam jumlah terbatas. Kolaborasi label Indonesia dan Jepang ini menghasilkan artikel ‘21 Oz Kisouma Selvedge’ yang menggabungkan denim selvedge signature Samurai, ‘Cho-Kiwami’ 21 Oz untuk konstruksi utama dan 21/23 Oz heavyweight denim ‘The Beast’ milik Oldblue Co. untuk bagian detailnya. Hadir dalam versi raw dan one-washed, kedua kolaborator memanfaatkan signature slim straight cut ‘S710’ yang populer dari lineup denim Samurai Jeans.